Cheer Intensity


A class program that allows your daughter/son to TRY cheer with minimal cost or commitment and no experience!

Led by the most knowledgeable staff in the Capital Region, they will learn and train a basic skill set in all of the key areas of cheer- motions, transitions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting.

Each week the material they learn serves as  a puzzle piece to their final performance.

This program was designed to create a FUN, low pressure atmosphere for the athletes that participate! The best part is: NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! 


Half Year teams are designed to allow athletes ages 3-17 to experience the world of all star cheer with a shorter season!  Our Half Year teams will begin practicing in December.  Half Year is a great option for athletes that already have sports commitments for the Fall and are looking for something to do in the second half of the year!


Elephants– Ages 3-4 (or 5-6 who want limited travel)

Meerkats– Ages 7-10


Toucans– Ages 5-6

Pythons– Ages 11-14

Cheetahs– Ages 15-18 (13 or 14 if you have a solid Backhandspring)

2019-2020 Half Year Cheer Packet


Full year teams work 10 months of the year learning skills, perfecting a routine, and using that routine to compete locally, regionally, and in some cases nationally to represent Intensity, Albany, and New York State! This program is perfect for athletes who have chosen cheer as their sport and want to reap the physical, mental, and social benefits of being a part of a dedicated team on a weekly basis!


Full Year Black Teams are for athletes who want cheer in their life year-round, but may not be interested in the financial or travel commitment of a GOLD team. Black teams 3.5 hours a week and compete locally and regionally (no more than a 3.5 hour drive) and will be accepting US Finals Bids!


Silver Teams are for athletes who want a little more travel and practice than black, but not as much as gold. Silver Teams will practice 4-6 hours per week. They will compete at mostly one day events and will attend one slightly further competition towards the end of the season. They will accept US Finals Bids. 


Gold Teams are for athletes who are ready to be “All-in” with All-Star. Practice is 5-8 hours per week of regular practice and many athletes will do an additional tumbling class or private lesson as a supplement. Travel is local, regional, and sometimes National. We will do a maximum of 2 high travel competitions for most of our Gold teams. Gold Teams will be accepting Summit and Worlds Bids.

2020-2021 Full Year Cheer Packet